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In the name of research September 12, 2010

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For the benefit of all you cupcake lovers out there, Brad and I did some research while we were out of town, one of the tough parts of this job!  We went to Chicago for the weekend (sans kids), and purchased 16 cupcakes for the two of us.  Usually I have my partner in crime Rachel with me for a task as daunting as this one, but we managed to do a pretty good job of it.  In conclusion, I still think my cupcakes are the very best anywhere, and Brad agrees.  We then fell into a eye-crossing sugar buzzed coma.  Ahh, vacation!


One Response to “In the name of research”

  1. Rachel Says:

    It’s got to be a tough part of the job…wish I could’ve helped 🙂 Looking forward to some yummy cupcakes next time we’re in town! Hope you two had a great time!

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