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Tropical Carrot Cake April 29, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Brenna @ 8:30 pm

at the store!  Pineapple, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Oh My!  I have a few huge orders this weekend for the Sheraton!  And no school today!  Let me just share some of my non-cupcake related pain with you, since I have been locked in this house with my three kids today baking non-stop.  My 6 year old decides it is a perfect time to put on her new polka dot bikini and lay out on our back deck, while our neighbor is having their siding re-done.  I saw this as I had escaped to the back yard to briefly plant a few plants and revel in this BEAUTIFUL spring day.  I yelled up to her to get inside.  Once I joined her, I asked her what she was thinking.  She said it was a perfect day to be in the sun and get sweaty.  Fine, I suppose we all would like to max out our Vitamin D today, thanks to weeks of dreary weather.  So I said go put some other clothes on, and you can lay out there and eat your crackers.  But, as I suspected, her sister confided in me that she actually has a crush on one of the workers.  I looked out at her, and she is laying on her side, peering over the edge of the chair with sunglasses on, super incognito.  Oh, How Will I Survive Teenage Years.  I just do not know…..B


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