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Order Now June 25, 2010

You can either email me at, or call me at (319)248-0176.  I will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm your order.  Special orders are by the dozen, the more notice the better, as I am a one-woman operation.  I will do my best to make your cupcake dreams come true!  Brenna

NEW!!!  We now can ship cupcakes.  In Jars!  There is a minimum order of 6 for $30 plus shipping, or a dozen for $50 plus shipping.  Send Some Love!!!


3 Responses to “Order Now”

  1. Hannah Schuler Says:


    I have sampled your cupcakes when I have traveled up to Iowa City and let me tell you I LOVE the French Toast Cupcake. I am planning to be back in the area around August 18th or 19th. -These dates could change. However, I would really love to order a variety of cupcakes from you. Easiest way to get back to me is through my email.


    Hannah Schuler

  2. Could I get a list of the kind of cupcakes you have to offer?
    Thank you!

  3. Ali Kelley Says:

    Hello B,
    Just wondering how much a dozen would be? For a variety of flavors.
    Also, they wouldn’t be delivered, I live in Iowa City.

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